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Ian |
Hi Kythera. Home and web pages just keep getting more beautiful all the time.
8 June 2009 - Arizona
Renee |
wow these are beautiful very impressed
1 May 2009 - America
Pamela Steele |
beautifully done. Thank you.
29 April 2009 - Canada
Faerewing |
i will look more thoroughly soon! how amazing, Kythera
22 March 2009 - Denver, Colorado, USA
Melinda |
Thank You very much. I will use this in a powerpoint for a class.
18 March 2009 - tacoma, washington
Angela |
Thank you for sharing those beautiful graphics. I am designing a site for a prayer group, I am sure if I don't use them with this site, I will with other sites. Blessing to you.
1 March 2009 - South Carolina
Sacred* |
lovely website!!
4 February 2009 - sc
Lady Na'ilah |
Dear Sisters,

This is a special invitation for you to come and visit our site S.U.G.A.R

We all experience life's season and sometimes we can not define our purpose.
At SUGAR we will walk along with you all seasons and periods of your life; when there is love, warmth and joy as well as in any time of difficulty, sorrow or sickness, weather you are too tired or too busy.
We will encourage one another to live life at its fullest sharing our experiences, talents and abilities.

We will walk this journey together!

A mission to think about each other as sisters in everything we do.


Looking forward to see you with us,

Love and Blessings,

Lady Na'ilah
18 January 2009 - CT,USA
Amani |
This is an amzing website with all the great graphics my website is now PErfect
31 December 2008 - USA
Candy |
Hello Kythera, long time no talk. Hope all is well. I snatched a few things to use when I get an extra minute. Can't wait for the pets.
30 December 2008 - TN
a student a Boca Middle |
this web sight is really helpful because i am doing a project on Kwanzaa
9 December 2008 - usa Florida
As salaamu alaikum. I would like a website with the paradise or green background. How much?
5 December 2008 - Winston Salem NC

Webmaster comments   I will write to you about this by separate e-mail.
Linda Pierce |
What an exquisite website!!!
24 November 2008 - Montana
Barbara Alexander |
Thank you for making this site available. I was able to send a gift for a friend who has been practicing loving kindness.
16 November 2008 - Toledo, Oregon, USA
Doc |
Outstanding Web Page! There is a heck of a lot happening here. I would be honored if we could link our sites together.
10 November 2008 - Pa. USA
chloe bornstein |
thank you so much!!! we are thrilled!!!
27 October 2008 - we are in colorado and new mexico
chloe bornstein |
we love your hamsa design and would like very much to use it for our new business that we're trying to start which will be selling hamsas, crystals and things of that sort. i think it would be perfect. looking forward to hearing from you!
21 October 2008 - i live in colorado. my cousin and partner lives in new mexic

Webmaster comments   I think it will be lovely if you use the design for your business. Please review the perimeters of usage on the hamsa page and in the FAQ (faq.html) for usage on business cards, etc. If you need customization of the design, please email me. Also if you need a space to house your business on the net, please consider my web hosting,
June from Gypsy Jewel |
You create the best website graphics!
18 October 2008 - USA
saralynn143 |
Thank you for your stained glass window graphic. My daughter is using it in a monastery diorama project for school.
14 October 2008 - mid-Missouri
melissa |
Every woman is a goddess if you think you are.
8 October 2008 - USA

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