photo of Kythera Ann Dec 97

            Well this is probably as close as you'll get to me posting a real picture of myself.  My husband took this photo of me one Christmas morning...but the artist in me couldn't leave it alone.

          I have enjoyed drawing, singing and dancing since I was a small child...this was always combined with a healthy imagination and belief in miracles, angels and unseen beings.  Although I was raised Baptist I have never believed in the exclusivity of Spirit to any one is kind of like art...rather a subjective thing...different traditions and beliefs suit various personalities.  I guess I'm rather cosmopolitan in my beliefs about Spirit and my personal experiences have supported my Universalistic attitudes.  I do personally enjoy the Western Spiritual Tradition and kabbalah as a personal practice...but I certainly don't believe it is the only chocolate chip cookie recipe...just the one that works for me.  Anyway that is the philosophy that birthed this site.

          On a personal note, I am happily married to a wonderful Virgo accountant (I'm a Gemini) and I have a lovely daughter (but I raised 7 kids) and a darling granddaughter.  I lived in the beautiful redwoods of California and now live in the beautiful mountains of North Western Carolina.  I like entertaining, Victorian decorations, gaudy earrings, lox-bagels-cream cheese, chocolate, Charles de Lint books, pink roses, candle light, fog, satin sheets, feathered boas, The Highlander, rainbows, kissing and many, many more things, feelings, activities, experiences.  Besides running Crystal Cloud Graphics I run an international metaphysical school that specializes in the Western Tradition, especially kabbalah, called the School of Spiritual Integrity.  I was also a Girl Scout Leader for Troop 1058 and of other troops for over thirty years.  I am the founder of Elysium Gates a lovely place to have your web site hosted.

          As far as graphics are concerned, the majority of this site was created using Click to get your own copy of XARA! my favorite graphics program and I used Netscape Composer, Edit Pad and Nvu to create the HTML.  I have only done computer graphics for eleven years but I have over thirty years of industrial experience...having done technical illustrations, mechanical drafting, architectural drawings and graphics the old fashioned hand.  My best mediums are pen and ink, colored pencil and acrylics.  Just for fun, here is a piece of my artwork that was done by hand...the original is 24 inches square done with colored pencil on mylar.

Mandala by Kythera Ann

Thank you for visiting my site.



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