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           These wonderful sites have either had Crystal Cloud Graphics design their unique pages or had the courtesy to notify me that they are using my graphics and have posted the appropriate link (they get extra smiley faces).  If a graphic appears with the site description it was custom designed by Crystal Cloud Graphics.  Please browse these sites, I believe you will enjoy them all.  Thank you.
Arley Koran title is home to an amazing prolific and versatile author.  His books span many genres from mysteries and thrillers to delightful children's books.  Other titles include heartwarming Christmas stories and uplifting family novels that can change your life.  Some of his books are also available as talking books on CD's.  Be sure to find out what is new as he adds new titles regularly.  Crystal Cloud Graphics really appreciates and enjoys working with Arley Koran.

Valkyrie Conspiracy is a web site Crystal Cloud Graphics designed.  The website is dedicated to providing information about the key milestones on the way to July 20, 1944 and introducing the key actors in this drama.  It challenges the prevailing myths about Stauffenberg's dominant role in the military conspiracy and so attempts to do justice to the other military conspirators, most especially General Friedrich Olbricht, one of the most consistent, determined and effective of all the German Resistance leaders.

The specific sources for the materials published on this website are the non-fiction books written by the author, Helena P. Schrader.

Dinnie's Entertainment title

Planning to have an event or party in the western United States?  Dinnie's Delights is the one stop party and event  planning company you need to contact.  Dinnie's web site, Dinnie's Delightful Entertainment, designed by Crystal Cloud Graphics, only scratches the surface of what this woman's talent, skills, and expertise can offer you.  You can have no more boring or events or parties with Dinnie's planning, activities and entertainment.  

Primarily serving the San Francisco Bay Area and located in Mountain View, California, Dinnie can coordinate your event from catering and decorations through clean up.  Dinnie's Delights often provides readers, face painters, balloon artists, astrologers, henna artists, clowns and caricature artists for events such as grad nights, corporate picnics and private birthday parties.  OH!  I for got to mention lip readings, check it out!

Bengal Babies Banner

Crystal Cloud Graphics created this web site for Tennessee Bengals.  Even though this cattery is no longer in business, on this site you will see not only awesome Bengal cats, but also there is a very cool free screen saver and some fun Bengal cat jigsaw puzzles to challenge you.
Helena Schrader graphic
Helena Schrader - Historian & Novelist is a site that Crystal Cloud Graphics designed.  This rated award winning site, features the published works of Helena P. Schrader.  Helena writes fiction and non fiction primarily related to three historical periods:  Ancient Sparta, Medieval and Knights Templar,  and World War II, especially focusing on women pilots.

I not only enjoyed building her web site, I truly enjoy her books.  I recommend you visit her site.  Enjoy browsing the titles, excerpts and reviews.  You are likely to find something you will thoroughly enjoy reading.

Music City Kittys logo
Music City Kittys had Crystal Cloud Graphics design their
Ragdoll Cattery of Tennessee web site.  This site is a visual delight.  It is rich with animation and a Victorian flavor that enhances and show cases the cattery's beautiful Ragdoll cats and kittens.

This cattery is home based.  Unfortunately the cattery is no loger in business.

The site offers a beautiful ad and spy ware free screen saver.

Lancelot's Castle header

Lancelot's Castle is a wonderfully eclectic web site with a medieval theme.  Visit  the Jester's corner, stroll through the observatory and in general enjoy yourself!  Everything was designed by Crystal Cloud Graphics and continues to evolve as the owner of the castle shifts his focus and interests.

SSI logoDesigned by Crystal Cloud Graphics, The School of Spiritual Integrity serves students internationally with a broad range of metaphysical instruction.  They specialize in contemplative kabbalah utilizing sound for transformation but also offer information and courses in other areas from Comparative Religion through Tarot.  The school strives to help individuals develop their own "inner voice" and facilitate direct gnosis.  Visit the school's web site for informational articles on a wide range of topics with beautiful spiritual graphics and music for a completely relaxing experience.

Masonic animation
Mount Hermon Lodge #118 A.F. & A.M. of Asheville, North Carolina had Crystal Cloud Graphics design their
Masonic Lodge 118 web site.  Masons are a fraternal organization that ha an interesting history that some believe to go back at least the days of the Knights Templar.  In the United States this fraternal organization does many charitable projects.  One of the primary projects that the Mount Hermon Masonic Lodge supports is the Masonic Home for Children at Oxford, North Carolina.

St Andrew's Church logo

Designed by Crystal Cloud Graphics, St. Andrew's Church serves residents of the San Lorenzo Valley in California.  It is a delightful church in the redwoods with beautiful stained glass and caring parishioners.  Visit the church's web site for informational articles on a wide range of topics with beautiful graphics all based on actual photos of the church.

Peace Seed Link

Designed by Crystal Cloud Graphics,
Peace Seeds is a site I've designed that honors the various sacred teachings of traditions around the world.  I've divided the site into subjects, where one can read comparative texts from major traditions.  Hopefully by finding the common ground that all Spiritual people relate to, we can mature as a society and find religious war and prejudice a thing of the past.  Please visit and put a Peace Seed on your page!

GS logo Girl Guide and Scouting Memorabilia is a site that features calendars, stamps and other items of the movement.  Girl Scout Troop 1058 is a troop web site.   Both were designed by Crystal Cloud Graphics.  Here you will see images of scouting activities. I was a troop leader for thirty years and have been in Girl Scouts since 1958. I believe it is a program that offers girls an opportunity to learn a wide range of life skills while having fun and connecting to other girls around the world.

Elysium Gates Members Ring

Created by Crystal Cloud Graphics, Elysium Gates is a business venture that I've designed.  It is a web site hosting service.  The service focuses on community and making the world a better place.  There is no advertising on the site and a portion of the monies that are paid by subscribers goes to charitable causes that members select themselves.  I've had fun with this site creating a Greek theme so that members can socialize in a cyber world of Greek mythology.

Charmaine Fine Arts
Charmaine Fine Arts, designed by Crystal Cloud Graphics, features the amazing still life watercolors, scratch board art, bronze sculptures, and customized pet oil portraits of world renowned artist, Charmaine Pearson.  Her watercolors have generated international acclaim and awards.   Browse her fine art gallery and see why artist Charmaine's works are sought after by galleries around the world.

Be sure to also check out her great screen saver that is free (with no spy ware!) that features her amazing etchings of cats.
Absolutely LA Cateringabsolutely L.A. gourmet catering serves most Los Angeles area locations.  Delicious food, attentive service, realistic prices, dramatic locations, and 43 years of local experience all combine to give you the event of your dreams.  Let them create a stress-free celebration.  A wide variety of regional choices as well as international cuisines.  Each menu is customized to suit your personal concept and budget.  Professional staff will guide you through all phases of planning a dinner for 10 or conference for 1,500.

Crystal Cloud Graphics was pleased to be chosen to design a web site for this great business.
Children of the Sun
Children of the Sun is a uniquely designed web site that promotes the web site owner's business of Miracle II a fabulous detoxification product and her Native American heritage.  Here you will find Native American stories and lore, much from her own personal journey following the "red road."  The site was a delight for Crystal Cloud Graphics to design because it required me to draw on animation skills and stretch my artistic abilities.

Nimrod logo
If you love costuming and the Lord of the Rings, be sure to visit Nimrodel.  This web site, designed and built by Crystal Cloud Graphics, features a costume designer who specializes in Lord of the Rings regalia.  The site also boasts of Middle Earth legends and poetry.  A treat for all fans of Tolkein.  She welcomes contact and discussion from costumers, whether Lord of the Rings or historical, on which many of the movie costumes are based, and those similarly devoted to Tolkien’s books and the Elvish languages.
Sparta logo

Internationally published writer, Helena Schrader has many books to her name.  This site, that Crystal Cloud Graphics designed and built, features her research on a novel about ancient Sparta.  Sparta Reconsidered, has become hugely popular, especially with students researching this subject for school papers.

Lions logo

Lions International is a world wide service organization that supports an amazing array of programs focusing on eye-sight.  Have you ever seen people in front of a store asking for donations and giving a tiny white cane to wear in return?  That is a major fund raiser for Lions to support research and services for the blind and seeing impaired.  Their works include a program that gives free reading glasses to those who need it.  This site that Crystal Cloud Graphics was proud to design, features
San Lorenzo Lions Club located in California.


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