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          The thistle brings images of Scottish Celts and the highlands to mind.   I created this themed web set in honor of my own Scot Celtic heritage.  The thistle is used as a symbol for strength and protection.  It has been used in hex breaking, for healing, and much more.   I suggest using this white colored text as shown.

          Above is the title graphic with with how a web page title might look.  A blank  for you to insert a web page title on is in the .zip file.  For this Celtic web theme set I have used the font called "Kells Rounded " with some capitals from the font called "Folkard."   If you don't have a graphic program capable of doing that, e-mail me and I will do it for you as time allows.  Below you will find the Scottish thistle graphic divider and bullet designed for this page.  The Celtic thistle buttons have been left blank for you to customize.  I've also included matching web graphics for navigation at the bottom of designed pages if appropriate.

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The thistle is a thorny plant with a beautiful flower, the national symbol of Scotland. During the reign of Alexander III of Scotland, (1241-1285) King Haakon of Norway attempted to conquer Scotland. It is said that the Norse tried a sneak nighttime attack, but barefoot, they stepped on thistles.  They screamed in pain, thus alerting the Scots, who were then able to overcome them.   Therefore as the national symbol, the thistle represents courageous defense and deep rooted ideals.  
thistle bullet In Christianity the thistle is a symbol of temporal sorrow and the curse of sin from the story of the Fall.  Because the thistle is a thorny bush, it is often portrayed as the source of Christ's crown of thorns.  Because thistles flourish to crowd out useful crops, they have also been used to represent the "tares" or weeds written of in Matthew 13.
thistle bullet The Order of the Thistle represents the highest honour in Scotland, and it is second in importance after the Order of the Garter.
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        To save, you may download the .zip file which includes the graphics and HTML template.  Do not link to the graphics on this page!  Please note that this set is free to use on personal websites only.  Those sites that hope to generate income (business site) there is a one time $10 fee payable through Pay Pal.

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