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    This is a Greek border theme page.  I used the ancient Greek goddess Athena as the focus because more than any other of the Greek goddesses , Athena remains a symbol of civilization, useful knowledge, noble reasoning, logic and wisdom.  The goddess Athena reminds us that we can successfully use our intellect and creativity in the pursuit of any goal we choose.

    Above you see a sample title graphic with a Greek motif, in the .zip file you will find this graphic for you to insert a web page title on.  If you don't have a graphic program capable of doing that, e-mail me and I will do it for you as time allows.  Below you will find the Athena graphic divider and bullet designed for this page.  The font used on the buttons (there is a blank for you to insert the links you need) and suggested for the Greek title graphic above is called "Aurea Inline."    I have also included Athena navigation graphics (you could place them at the bottom of your pages if appropriate) that match this web set.

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Greek bullet Athena is often portrayed with an owl, signifying watchfulness and wisdom; the aegis (small shield) showing the snaky head of Medusa.
Greek bullet One of Athena's epithets (titles) is "Grey-eyed".  Her gift to the Greeks was the useful olive tree.  The underside of the olive tree's leaf is grey, and when the wind lifts the leaves, it shows Athena's many "eyes".
Greek bullet Nike, the goddess who personified Winged Victory, often accompanied the goddess Athena.  Not surprising, since "Athena  Goddess of War" never lost a battle.
Greek bullet Athena never had a consort or lover, and thus was often known as Athena Parthenos ("Athena the virgin"), hence her most famous temple, the Parthenon, on the Acropolis in Athens.

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        To save, you may download the .zip file which includes the Greek goddess Athena graphics, clip art, instructions and HTML template.  Do not link to the graphics on this page!  Please note that this set is free to use on personal websites only (donations are always appreciated).  Those sites that hope to generate income (business site) there is a one time $10 minimum suggested donation payable through Pay Pal.

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        Whether it is a commercial or personal web site,  a text link to this site MUST appear on all pages you use these designs on.  Below is a suggested format:

Greek bullet  Greek Athena web set  theme courtesy of Crystal Cloud Graphics.

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