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    This is a Greek border theme page.  I used the ancient Greek little Pan,  (Paniskoi) as the focus because of my love of forests, fog, flutes and music.  In the Greek depictions of wild landscapes, there appeared not only a great god Pan, but also little Pans... Paniskoi.

    Above you see a sample title graphic with a little Pan, in the .zip file you will find tPaniskoihis graphic for you to insert a web page title on.  If you don't have a graphic program capable of doing that, e-mail me and I will do it for you as time allows.  Below you will find the graphic divider and bullet designed for this page.  The font used on the e-mail button (there is a blank for you to insert the links you need) and suggested for the Paniskoi title graphic above is called "Acropolis Now."   I have also included two small little Pans to frolic through your pages wherever you feel they should go.

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Greek bullet The worship of Pan began in Arcadia, and Arcadia was always the principal seat of his worship.  Arcadia was a district of primitive mountain folk, whom other Greeks disdained.
Greek bullet Pan inspired sudden fear in lonely places, Panic (panikon deima).  Pan was known for his music, capable of arousing inspiration, sexuality, or panic, depending on his intentions. In the Battle of Marathon (490 B.C.), it is said that Pan favored the Athenians and so inspired panic in the hearts of their enemies, the Persians.
Greek bullet One of the famous myths of Pan involves the origin of his trademark pan flute (also known as panpipes).  Syrinx was a Pan with flutebeautiful nymph beloved by the satyrs and other wood dwellers. She scorned them all.  As she was returning from the hunt one day, Pan met her. She ran from him until she came to the bank of the River Ladon where he overtook her.  She called on the water nymphs for help.  Just as Pan laid hands on her, she was turned into the river reeds.  When the air blew through the reeds, it produced a plaintive melody. The god Pan took some of the reeds to make an instrument which he called a syrinx, in honor of the nymph.
Greek bullet It is likely that the demonized images of the incubus and even the horns and cloven hooves of Satan, as depicted in much Christian literature and art, were taken from the images of Pan.
Greek bullet Pan is widely worshiped by Neopagans and Wiccans today, where he is considered a powerful deity and an archetype of male virility, called the Horned God (there are other gods also with that epithet).

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        To save, you may download the .zip file which includes the Greek Pan graphics, clip art, instructions and HTML template.  Do not link to the graphics on this page!  Please note that this set is free to use on personal websites only (though donations are greatly appreciated).  Those sites that hope to generate income (business site) there is a one time $10 suggested donation payable through Pay Pal.

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