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Feel free to browse around and "right click-save" any Islamic clip art animation you find that would be of use to you for your pages.  Please do not link directly to the graphics on these pages, but do please include a link to this site on any web page you use these graphics for.  Please note that these Islamic animations are free to use on personal web sites only (though donations are  greatly appreciated).  Those sites that hope to generate income (business site) there is a one time $1 requested minimum donation per graphic,  payable through Pay Pal (please send Pay Pal donations to or you may use this button to make a donation.

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The following applies to commercial and personal usage of Islamic clipart:
A link to this site must appear on any web page you use these Islamic graphics for.  You may use a text link (preferred) or a Crystal Cloud Graphics button that is linked to this site.  An example of both are shown below:
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  • When above link is in place on your site, email me the URL.  I will list it on my links page the next time I update it.
  • For other application usage perimeters, please review the FAQ.
  • The majority of these Muslim clip art animations were created on a gray background so that they would blend reasonably well on a majority of web page backgrounds.  If you want an Islamic clip art animation to blend seamlessly with the back ground on your page it needs to be recreated and there will be a $3.00 charge to do so.  For re-creation of a piece of clipart please e-mail me and attach the image you want recreated and the background graphic you want it created on.

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Large Muslim decorative pattern     3d rotating Islamic design     Large geometric Islamic patterned circle animated

Revolving Islamic decoration     animated 3d Islamic circle pattern     whirling Muslim image     spinning Muslim design     circular animated Islamic pattern

The religion of Islam discourages the artistic rendering of people and animals on the basis that it could lead to idolatry.  On the other hand, the development of infinitely repeating patterns can represent the unchanging laws of God.  The rules of construction of geometric patterns also provide a visual analogy to religious rules of behavior.  Islamic patterns are also unitary in their aim and function.  Symbols can exhaust verbal explanation but verbal explanation can not exhaust symbols.  Islamic pattern and geometry are directed towards the undifferentiated unity of Allah (pbuh).

small animated Islamic symbol   

animated Islamic Arabesque

animated Islamic tiles      animated circular Islamic design     Islami Arabesque ornament animated     Rotating Ilamic tile

animated mosque         small animated mosque           animated mosque with palm

Alladin lamp animated    animated Islamic prayer rug

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