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        This is an Islamic background theme page, the design is based on the photograph of a lovely mosque and the silhouette of a woman in a burqa (or possibly abaya) passing it.  All elements of the Islamic graphics on this page are based on portions of the photograph.   I suggest using a cream colored font as shown.

        Above you see a title graphic for you to insert a web page title on.  If you don't have a graphic program capable of doing that, e-mail me and I will do it for you as time allows.  Below you will find the graphic divider, which is a line from the Koran that is in tile on the mosque.  The  bullet features a tile with calligraphy and was designed for this page.  The buttons are based on geometric tile designs on the mosque and specifically designed for this Islamic themed page.  All graphic elements are linked for this site so that you can navigate through it.


bullet Islamic art traditionally uses a mixture of calligraphy, geometric and floral designs because of a prohibition on the portrayal of the human form.  Therefore, an important expression of Islamic art is architecture, particularly that of the mosque (four-iwan and hypostyle).   For most Muslims, the best artwork that can be created by man for use in the mosque is artwork that displays the underlying order and unity of nature.   
bullet Many Muslims believe that the Islamic holy book, the Qur'an, and the collected traditions of the life of Muhammed, or hadith, require both men and women to dress and behave modestly in public. However, this requirement, called hijab, has been interpreted in many different ways by Islamic scholars (ulema) and Muslim communities.
bullet A burqa (also transliterated burkha, burka or burqua) is an enveloping outer garment worn by women in some Islamic traditions for the purpose of cloaking the entire body.  It is worn over the usual daily clothing (often a long dress or a shalwar kameez) and removed when the woman returns to the sanctuary of the household.


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The above title bar and buttons use the font "Mercator Regular"
Also included are graphic back/home/next navigational icons:

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       To save, you may download the .zip file which includes the Islamic burqa and mosque graphics, clip art, instructions and HTML template.  Do not link to the graphics on this page!  Please note that this set is free to use on personal websites only.  Those sites that hope to generate income (business site) there is a one time requested minimum $10 donation payable through Pay Pal (mail donations to mail@kytheraann.com).

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        Whether it is a commercial or personal web site,  a text link to this site MUST appear on all pages you use these designs on.  Below is a suggested format:

Islamic burqa and mosque web theme set courtesy of   bullet  Crystal Cloud Graphics

Islamic Web Page Design 1
(Interior Dome of Mosque)
Islamic Web Page Design 2
(Mosque Minaret)
Islamic Web Page Design 3
(Sufi - whirling dervish)
Islamic Web Page Design 4
(Paradise - calligraphy)
Islamic Web Page Design 5
(Burqa - Mosque)
Islamic Web Page Design 6
(Minaret - Crescent Moon)

Islamic Web Page Design 7
(Islamic Pattern - Green)

Islamic Web Page Design 8

Miscellaneous Animated Islamic Graphics Animated Islamic Phrases
(Arabic Calligraphy)
Miscellaneous Islamic Graphics Islamic Phrases
(Arabic Calligraphy)

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